Houston Team Building With Hot Air Balloons

Houston Team Building with Hot Air Balloons

Houston: The sky is no limit for your team!
A team building hot air balloon ride in Houston is an adventure as big as the Texas sky from beginning to end.

Looking for an out-of-the-box activity to challenge your staff? Houston hot air balloon adventures are a fun yet innovative way promote teamwork and to build positive group dynamics. No longer are hot air balloon rides for sightseeing only, the idea of using them for team building exercises has caught on and businesses and teams across Texas are learning skills such as:

A team building hot air balloon ride in Houston is an adventure from beginning to end. Teams will each be responsible for specific tasks associated with operating a balloon safely. They will be responsible for logistics which include: determining launch site, rigging the balloon, in-flight navigation and much more. Responsibilities can be individually customized according to the strengths and weaknesses of specific team members.

Houston Hot Air Balloons will work with your group to ensure you are booked with a reputable and trusted hot air balloon pilot. Because we want the experience to be all that you’ve hoped for, experienced Houston flight instructors and ground crew will work with your team every step of the way.

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